Friday, August 23, 2013

I made it!

I survived the journey!

It was an interesting adventure and I thought they weren't going to allow me on the plane from LA to El Salvador.
So. . .my flight from Fresno to LA was delayed (which is why i'm grateful i booked a 3 hour layover in LA), I ended up behind George Takai in the security line in LA (before they bumped him up to the fancy first class line), and while at the gate 30 minutes before boarding, they called me to the counter.  My airline didn't like that my return flight is beyond the time frame of the 3 month stay that immigration would give me when I arrived.  They had someone on the phone talking about my ticket for 10 minutes and then told me i would not be allowed to go unless i went back to the ticketcounter (outside of security and where i knew i couldn't make it back in time for the flight) and changed my return date, or went online to buy a bus ticket to show the airline proof that I would be leaving the country before my tourist visa would expire.

So I started searching online for bus tickets and the one i was familiar with had their site down.  There was one other that had site issues and then all others that you could "book online" simply had an order form and then they would email you back about a ticket and as they were starting the boarding for the plane i knew there was no hope to buy a ticket online.

I went back to the ticket counter expecting them to send me away, but they said ok, and that i would just have to go to the consulate when i was in el salvador and see about renewing my tourist visa.  I was a bit relieved to be walking on that plane!

And immigration did not have any problems with my travel plans when i arrived.

I've got a nice room and have spent the morning relaxing and have already made friends with a local mosquito.  Apparently, i needed a reminder of how diligent i need to be with my repellent :)

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