Saturday, March 22, 2014

Picture Day!

I started taking pictures around the city just to give an idea of what it looks like around where i live.  But first, here's a picture of the pineapple tree i bought today!!!  (only $5)
I live near the San Salvador volcano.  It's perfect to use for directions to know if i'm driving in the right direction and going towards or away from my house!  The first picture is about 3 blocks from my house
I took several pics from my car driving through the city.  My windows are tinted, so some will look hazier than others

and last week i had a day off and wasnt far from this beautiful place.  It's the dry season, but you can imagine how beautiful it looks when everything is green.  This is about an hour from where i live.  it's called la Puerta del Diable (the devil's gate)  It's named from a legend about an evil man who escaped into these mountains

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