Sunday, May 25, 2014

overdue update

Hello, my long lost friends!

So, I've offically hit the 2 month gap for updating here.

April was both great and terrible.  I spent a lot of the month not feeling well.  My back was quite angry at me for the months of chiropractic neglect (especially after a 20 hour bus ride to costa rica each way).  I got desperate and took a chance on a chiropractor here (something that terrified me), but he's actually pretty great.  He studied in the states, which helped me get over my fear of finding a chiropractor here.  And I also got a terrible cold that kept me in bed for a few days.

We had semana santa in April and so it was a week of vacation and I went on a trip to the eastern part of the country for a couple days.  I went with the families of 2 of the teachers from the school where I teach english.  It was wonderful and relaxing (and then I spent the rest of my vacation week in bed sick).

And I after I recovered from being sick, I ended up with crisis after crisis at the orphanage and women's shelter.  And with only a month left of school, the kids have been crazy too.  I've done more disciplining than teaching several days this month!  That's made May crazy too.  It settled down a bit last week and this week has been calm so far (busy, but calm).  I've also had some exciting progress going on to.  The most exciting and significant is that I've been a part of creating a new therapy program at the orphanage.  There's been some processes adapted that have made the program less effective than it could be, so everyone was frustrated and wanting change - but not telling anyone they thought so.  As a newcomer learning about the program, I had the same frustrations and when asking everyone how they thought the program was, discovered every single person didn't like how it was set up, but all thought everyone else needed it that way.  So. . .we're changing that now!  We've developed a new program and have started implimenting it.  And though I know everyone wants change - it doesn't mean it's easy.  So, my next project there is to work on making the implementation go smoothly.  Easy, right?

That's my update.  I've been exhausted - both good and bad.  And I'm not quite ready to realize I only have 6 weeks left here.

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