Friday, June 10, 2016

Worst Blogger Ever!!!

I'm shocked that it has been 8 months since my last blog.  I knew I was bad - but the depth of my ineptitude has shocked me.  You guys are probably not as surprised as I am.

I've had so much going on in these last 8 months.  Too much for one post.  So, sometime (soon, hopefully)  I will do a blog about those months, but for now, I just need to catch you up on my major changes.  Like for instance, I am no longer in El Salvador.

I moved back to California last month.  I need to finish up the process to receive my California license for Marriage and Family Therapy.  California requires that I do 3,000 hours of therapy before I can take the test for my license.  I am almost finished, but there is no guarantee that they will accept all of the hours of therapy I did while in El Salvador (there's a chance - which gets a lot bigger when I think of miracles happening on my behalf).

It is my hope to return to El Salvador when I receive my license and continue there.

Leaving was very hard.  I had to say goodbye to a lot of great friends, leave the many jobs I was working (Children's home, School, Individual clients, special seminars I developed), I left my apartment, gave many things away, and had planned to sell my car - but that did not work out.

So, my car is still waiting for me there, with a good friend storing it at her house, along with a few other items ( a lot of books and materials) that I left behind.  It was scary not selling my car because I did not have money to buy a car in California without selling it.

But it's been amazing to see how God has blessed me and provided miracles for me as I returned.

A week after I got home, my parents decided to see what the cost would be to add me to their phone plan.  Turned out, they could upgrade their plan, add me and save $5 a month.  And then I received an old iphone from a family member and have the fanciest phone I've ever had for free :)

Two weeks after I got home, my parents called me to tell me my sister bought a car - and so I could use their extra car that she had been using.  We called to get a quote for their insurance since it is registered to them - and it would only cost me $395 a year!!!!  I was thrilled.  Then, a few days later when we went through the process to officially add me on to their plan, my mom shared details about me and my work in El Salvador to see what discounts I qualified for - and because I have my masters I qualified for some special program that is now saving my parents $18.70 for the year!  AMAZING

Those are the big ones.  Lots of small stories too.

So, I have been blessed, but it has also been hard returning.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed in public places with how tall and big people are and am a bit mesmerized by the diversity.  Things that I did not expect to have culture shock over.

Well - It's time for me to keep working on my job search - but hopefully in the next week I will start catching up on what I did my last few months in El Salvador.

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