Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dia del Niño

Remember when you were a kid and after mothers day and fathers day you asked, "why isn't there a kid's day" (and you usually got the response 'every other day of the year is kids day')?

Well, in El Salvador they have Mother's day, father's day, grandparents day, and of course, children's day!  We celebrated children's day this week on Friday.  The kids didn't have to wear their uniforms and the kindergartners and pre-schoolers were dressed up in costumes.  The school had one of those fun blow up slides and the kids played games all morning, the teachers put on a play (I was goldilocks) and then we watched a movie.

I'm starting to enjoy the fun bureaucracy of the country in how things get done here.  I still don't have a car because i don't have my cash without a bank account.  i can't get a bank account until i have a financial id card.  i can't have a financial id card until i have both a document from the police in the US saying i have a clean record and documents showing i am in the of applying for residency here (and applying for residence is a whole nuther list of things i'd need).  so, i've got a couple people trying to help me to work around these issues.  we'll see.

I had a fun day of tourism yesterday.  Went to a town that makes a lot of the typical souvenirs for the country.  I loved  all the wood work they make and i bought a wallet (not made of wood).

It's been brought to my attention that i have been failing in the area of taking pictures.  So I tried to fix that and got my camera out.  Here's some pictures of the Children's day celebration at the school and one of traffic - cause nothing will give you a more typical picture of the country than of the traffic!  (it's on a small street a couple blocks from my house)

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  1. I am so glad someone else has taken up my cause and hounding you when I can't :)

    I remember Dia del Nino, maybe it's a Latin American thing? Or any country south of the United States?