Friday, October 11, 2013

Human trafficking, Spanish. & mosquitos

It was a good week.  Classes went smoothly, I made progresss on the fun process for buying a car, and I have made contact with a program that provides home and help for young women that had been victims in sex trade.  I will be following up this week about doing therapy with these women.

My Spanish is slowly improving.  I'm receiving lessons from one of the ladies I live with each evening and it's helping me a lot.  She's making me work hard though, and my brain is exhausted!

Another success of the week is that I only got a couple new mosquito bites!  I'm still using the electric racket to kill them and get greater enjoyment out of each killing because I've started thinking about it in terms of the generations of Mosquitos I'm killing rather than just one.  So, I looked up the life cycle of Mosquitos and found that most breeds live about a month and when they have eggs, there are about 200-300 eggs.  So, I didn't read if they make eggs more than once, but even if you assume it is only once in their lifetime, then in a year I've still killed thousands of Mosquitos by just preventing one from reproducing!  Definitely more satisfying with each kill this way!

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