Saturday, October 19, 2013

The joys of learning spanish

Learning a language is always exciting!  Here's a couple of my blunders from this week that I thought you'd enjoy:

I mispronounced while reading a sentence that said: "They lived as friends" to say, "They lived with ants."

I used a verb in the wrong context and instead of saying that the "Third grade class was. . ." I said, "The third grade class has died"

and this is with my spanish improving!

I find this process exhausting (the learning, not the blunders. . .those actually make it more enjoyable to me).  i'd rather deal with numbers than words, so language is never easy for me, but working in english all day and then switching at night to try to learn leaves me exhausted trying to constantly keep up with which language my brain should be functioning in.

I've been informed that I'll be proficient in 3 languages when I'm done with my year here: English, Spanish and Spanglish.  I'm happy to triple my language count and make this process more efficient!   :)

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