Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A car at last!

Well, my first week back from the visiting California was a bit frustrating.  I don't know if it was because i'd switched cultural gears and was no longer patient, or if my patience just naturally came to an end :)

But my week back I was excited to be returning and I had two possible cars to buy that both didn't work out and the kids at school were crazy with me returning and it being the last week before vacation, and then through other circumstances all of my counseling appointments were canceled.  So, i ended the first week pretty frustrated.

This last week has been quite the opposite though!  I found a car.  It's quite large especially when compared to a smart car (which is just slightlly smaller than it).  It's a 2007 Hyundai ATOS.  I googled it to compare prices and only found comparisons in South Africa.  (after some currency conversions, I did discover that it was being sold at a reasonable price).  It's a manual transmission - which I did better than expected with after not having driven a 5 spd for 6 years!  I've been driving for 5 days and have yet to kill myself, anyone else or get so lost i have had to call someone for help! I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment.

Counseling this week has also not been boring.  Had a great session with the group at the women's shelter and also ended up helping with a crisis at the orphanage I've been helping at.  A bit of an emotional breakdown by one of the children a few days ago and today we ended up checking him in to the hospital (their equivalent of a 5150).

My spanish blunder to entertain you with this week is that I accidently said that there was an eyeball in the butter instead of garlic in the butter.  you're welcome.

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