Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanks Holidays for the break!

Clearly the holiday season has begun because people have been too busy to harass me about failing to post anything new in my blog for a few weeks :)
So, I've had a bit of an adventure lately.  Originally, I had intended to go to Costa Rica for a week to deal with renewing my visa to stay in the country.  Long story, but I ended up not being able to take the bus and the flights were the same cost to go to Costa Rica as to go home.  So I spent the last 2 weeks in Fresno getting to enjoy family.  I got to see so many people because they were arriving for thanksgiving, but I flew back to El Salvador on Thanksgiving morning (because the flight was much cheaper then).

So, I'm just trying to re-acclimate back.  My skin and hair have resented the traveling back and forth between the two climates so frequently, but at least the bugs and mosquitoes are happy about my return!

I've got a mechanic checking out a car and if all is well I think I will end up with a car this week!  It shall be strange to have a bit of freedom and flexibility in my schedule back.

Hope everyone has enjoyed Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season!  Miss you all! (or probably most of you anyways :] )